Wholesale Meats

The Meat Depot is a wholesale meats distributor and supplier of quality food products based in Oshawa, Ontario. We serve a variety of retail, foodservice and wholesale customers and processors throughout Ontario and Quebec.

Our wholesale meats products and services include commodity proteins, branded, and specialty meats in addition to exclusively unique brands.

The Meat Depot has been in business since 2005 and has a solid reputation based on over 32 years of proven experience and is aggressively determined to grow its business.

The Meat Depot prides itself in its dedication to customers and employees.

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  • Halenda’s Famous Ontario's Finest Peameal Bacon Chubs- Fresh Ontario Pork Loin, rolled in golden cornmeal- Partially baked.

  •  Meaty Pork Back Ribs-  Perfect for Fall cooking- Crock Pot Ribs. Also great display item for the meat counter with colorful rib rub or bbq sauce!

  • Cargill- Fresh Boneless Strap Off Pork Loins. Perfect for: Roasts, Butterfly Pork Chops or Schnitzels.



The Meat Depot purchases products from most major further processors across Canada and the United States. In doing so we are able to offer our customers a diverse product mix.

We are also proud to be able to offer, in conjunction with Halenda's Fine Foods, a unique line of european dry cured, smoked and processed deli items.

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  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Poultry
  • Lamb, Veal and Rabbit
  • Smoked & Processed

Wholesale Beef

The Meat Depot buys from all major packers across North America.

While our main products offered are boxed beef, we pride ourselves that we will source any request our customers make to us.

  • We carry all cuts in range of grades;
  • A, AA, AAA
  • NR, Select, Choice
  • Angus
  • All Cow cuts
  • Grinding materials fresh and frozen

Wholesale Pork

Although primarily sourced through Canadian suppliers, The Meat Depot also purchases pork from major U.S. plants.

We offer:

  • Boxed pork; COV, CVP and paper wrapped
  • Combos
  • Fresh and frozen
  • Trims


The Meat Depot purchases chicken and turkey products predominantly from Canadian suppliers.

Our product line includes:

  • All parts fresh and frozen
  • Trimmings
  • Boxed
  • Processed
  • Halal

We are also able to offer; cornish hens, quails, ducks and geese.

Veal, Lamb & Rabbit

The Meat depot offers fresh and frozen boxed veal, lamb & rabbit.

Veal is available in all cuts, grain and white from local, Canadian and U.S suppliers.

A full line of Canadian and U.S. lamb items are offered. In addition, The Meat Depot is able to offer New Zealand Lamb.

Fresh and frozen rabbits, either head on or off, are available weekly.

Having trouble finding something? Speak to one of our Sales Reps today and let us do the work.

Smoked & Processed

The Meat Depot is owned in partnership with Halenda's Fine Foods. A local Durham retailer and processor that offers award winning products.

The Meat Depot is proud to be able to offer this unique line of smoked and dry cured processed items.

These items are exclusive to the Meat Depot and are a sure fire success. Tried, tested and true, these items will add incremental sales to your business and keep your customers coming back for their Old World Flavour.

Smoked Meat Items

  • Smoked Bone In Hams
  • Kabanosy
  • Knackwurst
  • Kobassa - Double Smoked
  • Kobassa - Ham
  • Kobassa - Old Country
  • Kobassa - Natural
  • Ontario's Finest BBQ Kobassa
  • Ontario's Finest Kobassa Chubs
  • Kustra Sausage
  • Liver Sausage
  • Liver Sausage-Herbal
  • Mini Hams
  • Peameal M/M Ribend Bulk
  • Ontario's Finest Peameal Bacon Chubs
  • Ontario's Finest Peameal Bacon Sliced
  • 6" Pepperettes -Hot
  • 6" Pepperettes -Mild
  • Sausages - Honey & Garlic
  • Sausages - Italian Hot
  • Sausages - Octoberfest
  • Sausages - Jalapeno
  • Sausages - Italian Lorenzo
  • Sausages - Maple Bacon
  • Smoked Bacon Boneless
  • Smoked Canadian Back Bacon Bulk
  • Ontario's Finest Back Bacon Chubs
  • Ontario's Finest Back Bacon Sliced
  • Smoked Loins- Kessler/Smoked Pork Chops
  • Smoked Hocks
  • Smokies - Ball Park
  • Smokies - Ball Park 4 Packs
  • Smokies - Honey & Garlic
  • Smokies - Honey/Garlic 4 Pack
  • Smokies- Hot Ball Park
  • Smokies- Hot Ball Park 4 Pack
  • Smokies - Fiesta Garlic
  • Smokies - Fiesta Garlic 5 pack
  • Smoked Tenderloin
  • Ontario's Finest Jumbo Hot Dogs 6 Pack
  • Weiners - Veal 6 Pack
  • Authentic Sremska Sausage
  • Suduk Salami Chubbys
  • Csabai Hot
  • Csabai Mild
  • Csabai Salami Chubbys
  • Salami Sticks 18 pack
  • Buggy Whips (CSABAI)
  • Chorizo Perfectly Hot Csabai
  • Single Bundle Casings

Cold Cuts

  • Black Forest Ham
  • Diamond BF Ham Premium
  • European Smoked Farm Ham
  • Bologna - Veal
  • Corned Beef
  • Headcheese- Hot
  • Headcheese- Mild
  • Honey Ham (Brandt Meats)
  • Kobassa Loaf
  • Krakowska Large
  • Montreal Smoked
  • Pariser Large
  • Polish Ham
  • Porketta
  • Roast Beef
  • Roll Bacon Loin
  • Slow Cooked Square Ham
  • Salami - German (Brandt Meats)
  • Salami - Hungarian (Brandt Meats)
  • Salami - Pepperseed (Brandt Meats)
  • Summer Sausage (Brandt Meats)
  • Summer Salami (Brandt Meats)
  • Tiroly Large
  • Natural Roasted Turkey - Oven Roasted
  • Hand Carved Turkey

Kitchen Items

  • Crunchy Chicken Cutlet
  • Buffalo Wings
  • Cabbage Rolls
  • Chicken Fingers
  • Macaroni Salad
  • Potato Salad
  • Shishkabobs


We deliver to small town Ontario and every city. Most Northern and Western Ontario Routes are delivered using ERB Transport, as our carrier. We also own a fleet of trucks to help meet our customers' needs in Southern Ontario and the surrounding area.

Anything north of North Bay is a two day lead time.

The Team

The Meat Depot.
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Steve Webster

Sales Executive - Ext 236
36 Years’ Experience- Butcher/Operator/Sales steve@themeatdepot.ca

Chris Luzzi

Sales Executive - Ext 233
33 Years’ Experience- Butcher/Owner/Sales chris@themeatdepot.ca

Karen Munroe

Sales Executive – Ext 239
25 Years’ Experience-Retail/Customer Service/Sales kmunroe@themeatdepot.ca

Deb Webster

Sales Executive - Ext 237
27 Years’ Experience-Retail/Customer Service/Sales deb@themeatdepot.ca

Mary Vacca

Protein Manager – Ext 386
Purchaser/Sales mary@themeatdepot.ca

Levi Webster

Sales Executive - Ext 247 3 Years’
Experience- Warehouse/Sales levi@themeatdepot.ca

Ricky Halenda

Procurement Manager – Ext 223
9 Years’ Experience- Processing/Operator/Warehouse/Purchaser rickyhalenda@themeatdepot.ca

Richard Halenda

President - Ext 222
Over 40 Years’ Experience- Owner/Operator/Purchaser/Sales richard@themeatdepot.ca

Peter Davidson

Director of Operations – Ext 243
18 Years’ Experience – Logistics/Controller Operator peter@themeatdepot.ca

Julie Neuman

Accounts Receivables - Ext 244 jneuman@themeatdepot.ca

Tiffany Veysey

Warehouse Manager Ext 251 Tiffany@themeatdepot.ca

Liz Armstrong

Warehouse Support Ext 248

Accounts payable - Ext 221

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